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Past Projects

Tower and Street Clock Repairs Across the Nation

2003 - Orange County Courthouse - Hillsborough, North Carolina

Historic restoration of an English time and strike movement made in the 1750's and given to the town of Hillsborough by King George III in 1769. This is the oldest continuous-running tower clock in America.
Hillsborough Website

2006 - Central Congregational Church - Attleboro, Massachusetts

Historic restoration of a George Stevens time and strike tower clock with original decorations.

2007 - Dallas County Courthouse - Dallas, Texas

Complete restoration of the tower, including fabrication of four-ten ft diameter dials, hands, motion works and E. Howard #3 time and strike tower clock.

2009 - Independence Hall - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Consulting for the National Parks Service on the historic restoration of the tower clock dials.

2009 - Baker County Courthouse - Baker City, Oregon

Historic restoration of an E. Howard quarter-striking tower clock at its 100-year anniversary.

2010 - O.B. McClintock Street Clock Repair - Culpepper, West Virginia

Circa 1930's O. B. McClintock bracket, or street clock. We restored the dials, new movements, new controller, LED lighting with photocell and auto controller with daylight savings and power failure correction.

2011 - Grover Cleveland School - Buffalo, NY

Manufacture of new dials, and the installation of new movements and the controller.

2013 - Jessop Street Clock - San Diego, California

Consulting on the restoration and removal of the monumental 4-dial Jessop Street Clock.

Jessop Wikipedia Page

2013 - Kansas City, Kansas

Historic restoration of the 4-dial Seth Thomas street clock located at the Transportation Center in Kansas City, KS. Restoration of the 1915 clock included replacing a broken casting shown in picture #2 below.

2013 - Christiansted Historical Society - US Virgin Islands

National Parks Service Consultation in April 2013

2016 - Seth Thomas #15 - Village of Brockport NY

2017 - Seth Thomas Model 16A Gravity Escapement - Calgary Historic City Hall, Calgary B.C. Canada

2017 - Bennett High School - Buffalo NY

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Seth Thomas

2 - Model 16B’s circa 1894 and 1909
Model 15 cica 1914

E. Howard

Model #1 - round top time and strike - seconds pendulum circa 1900
Model #1 - time only- seconds pendulum

E. Howard model “00” - gravity escapement - reproduction.

Nels Johnson - time only - original paint.

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